Trending Modern Front Door Colors

The front door of a home sets the tone for the home décor style and theme before even entering the home. A more modern home décor trend is painting your front door a color with personality, and we recommend some trendy colors. One of the most popular color themes for modern homes come in 50 shades of grey literally. The more popular grey colors come in a darker hue but be warned, some shades of grey that are too dark can appear to be black according to some disappointed people doing a DIY project.

White is a more traditional color, but you can try doing an off white or white hue with colored undertones. This option is a great transitional color if you like more traditional colors but want to explore with a touch of color for this muted option that is easy to compliment any home’s color story. If you’re going for a rustic home décor theme, you might want to consider having a woodgrain door for a touch of traditional country homes. You can incorporate the wood grain color to complement your home color story and is a unique color option that will stand out on your street.

Which color would you dare to display on your door? Share your favorite home décor project below.