Top 3 Strangest Fad Diets

Who doesn’t want a slender figure if they’re given a chance? But sometimes, people go to scary lengths to achieve their desired results, and this is where fad diets come in. If you’ve never heard of a fad diet, we’ll help make the concept easier. In simple words, a diet of this nature is exactly the opposite of advice based on healthy weight loss advice and science.

Fortunately or unfortunately, they appeal to a huge number of people because of the way they are pitched. For example, you may have come across articles with the tagline” Eat this for these many days, and you’ll lose this much weight.”

As enticing as they may sound, the one-size-fits-for-all approach is not always the right way to lose weight. Here are the three strangest diets that are both funny and scary in their own ways.

Eating Tapeworms 

Yes, you read that right. As strange as the idea sounds, there have been cases of people who attempted to follow this diet and also ended up in a hospital. As the name suggests, it requires you to consume tapeworm eggs so they can grow inside your gastrointestinal tract.
The idea behind doing something this bizarre may make sense to some. However, we strictly recommend against it. As per those who think it works, the tapeworms are supposed to eat all the food you swallow, leaving you with a minimal amount inside and facilitating the weight-loss process.

Eating Baby Food 

This is the kind of regime that will surely keep your coworkers from taking your lunch. As per the instructions for this diet, you will have to eat baby food jars for at least two meals and a day, and for your third meal, you can have something a regular adult has.
If you’re wondering how it works, it does so by cutting down your calorie intake. However, on the other hand, consuming baby food for a longtime as an adult can have some serious consequences because you’ll be depriving your body of essential nutrients such as protein and good fats.

Eating Cotton Balls 

Last but not least, this diet encourages you to have cotton balls instead of regular food. To make the idea slightly more digestible, it also suggests that you can dip a cotton ball in orange juice to make the eating process easier. As problematic as it sounds, some people believe that having cotton balls is surely a way to reduce their calorie intake. On the downside, eating them could have serious consequences for your GI tract, given that the balls are made of chemicals and synthetic fibers.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that you should never carry diets of this nature out. Following any nutritional course to assist weight loss requires professional advice and a thorough analysis of what your body requires.
There was never and surely will never be a single diet to fit everyone’s needs. Therefore, relying on online sources, especially if they sound dubious, is the equivalent of playing with your life.