The Most Common Mistakes With Home Decor

Do you recall the day you first moved into your house? It was a blank canvas that screamed “opportunity” from the rooftops.  A new house offers the possibility of creating lasting memories and building the ideal setting that you’ve always dreamed of. 

Whoever stated that rules were made to be broken must have worked in the interior design industry. Whether you live in a tiny, rented house or a huge seaside mansion, decorating your home is all about breaking the rules. Like other things in life, following rules keeps everything in order. Without rules, many things would fall to pieces. Are you curious to discover some of the most common mistakes in home décor that everybody makes? 

Not Taking Proper Measurements

Whether you’re arranging furniture, buying rugs, or selecting antiques, you need to know just how much or how little room you have. Consider entrances, hallways, corners, and elevators where furniture or home décor items may need to be placed, in addition to the length and width of your area. If your room is too tiny, it will feel like a dollhouse with overloaded stuff here and there.  

Overloading Shelves With Unnecessary Stuff 

Open shelves are great for storing books and showcasing art or antiques, but they work best when they aren’t overloaded. Don’t go crazy when setting up a bookcase or built-in shelves with books and accessories. Reduce the number of things in the arrangement for a cleaner look by leaving some vacant space between them or just simply storing such items in cupboards or baskets for a more organized look. 

Following Every Trend That Exists 

Trends come and go and staying on top of them is never a good idea. Instead, focus on what works for your home and avoid following a trend that does not fit your personality. When you try to keep up with too many trends, you risk losing sight of your style and any details that make your home seem “you.” Don’t sacrifice customization for the sake of the newest trend if it doesn’t seem to fit your style. 

Starting Off With Wall Paint 

It’s common to make the mistake of looking for furniture and fabric you adore after agreeing to a color scheme. Instead, start with your most costly objects and then design around them. Paint comes in dozens of colors, making selecting a wall color that complements your chosen furniture relatively simple. After you’ve shortlisted the décor pieces, you may select a complementary tone from the rest of the home’s palette. 

Not Patch Testing Colors 

We understand that all you want to do is get the job done. However, it would be best if you experimented with several color combinations in your space before making a decision. White, for example, often appear bluer than they do at the paint store. You should be able to see the color at all hours of the day, in all lighting conditions, and with your furnishings. This will save you time, money, and disappointment. 

To sum up, take it slow. Take your time to buy exceptional decor items rather than picking up every other decoration piece. Our home decor/interior has a direct impact on how we live. A calmer, more organized, well-balanced space will always help you feel better.
We hope now you know the most common mistakes in home decor. Please let us know if you keep these things in mind while decorating. If you’re doing things differently and it works for you, share with the readers.