The Best Activities For A Staycation

Yes, we’re experiencing a pandemic, and yes, there are travel restrictions. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on a staycation.
Staycation is simply a vacation in your local country, state, city, or town, typically close to your home. Today, we will discuss some of the best activities for a staycation that you and your family can all enjoy.

Here are the best activities for a staycation that will help you forget all about your location and enjoy a vacation within your local boundaries.

Enjoy a Nearby 5-Star Hotel

Local 5-star hotels are one of the most popular and common staycation destinations these days because the money saved on airfare can go towards a fancy hotel. The best part is that no 5-star hotel is short on activities.
You can enjoy the spas, swimming, fine dining, bars, room service, sports lounges, and much more.

Take a Local Tour

Find a local tour bus or self-guided tour, and learn all about the cool attractions that your town or city has to offer. If there are no tours, simply do some research and go visit the top ten sights, attractions, historical sites, museums, or landmarks yourself.

Go Camping

There is no better way to connect with nature than camping and you and your family can all enjoy campfires, BBQs, and even add fishing to your camping trip if that is an option.

Spend a Day at the Beach

If there is a beach nearby, spending your day there is one of the best activities for a staycation. Soak up the sun, build sandcastles, go for a swim, or simply enjoy a good book. You and your family will never be disappointed with a fun beach experience.

Rent an RV

What better way to enjoy your staycation than on the open roads. You can rent an RV and have a home move around with you. You don’t have to go far but an RV allows you the luxury to go and stop wherever you like, enjoy the attractions, and move on to the next spot.
Your staycation will have limitless possibilities with a home on wheels.

Go Bar-Hopping 

If kids are not a part of your staycation, you and your partner can enjoy your staycation with an evening of bar-hopping. Provided that bars are safe and open in your locale, you can enjoy a unique or special drink at every bar you visit.


You may have noticed that there is not much difference between the activities of a staycation and vacation apart from your geographic location. The current global situation may restrict you in some aspects but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a change of scenery and fun vacation activities.
The mentioned best activities for a staycation will elevate your experience, give you a much-needed vacation, and do it all in a budget-friendly manner.