The Anti-Minimalist Décor Trend Of Cluttercore

You may have heard of the home décor trend known as minimalism that lives by the rule of “less is more,” but a new trend goes against the grain of minimalism. Cluttercore could be defined as a décor esthetic inspired by the rule of “more is more,” and social media brought awareness to this less-known décor theme. 

People on social media started to notice this maximalist movement dubbed cluttercore with more than 7,000 mentions on Instagram and 13million views on TikTok of homes featuring cluttercore in all forms. After decades of being influenced to show less, this trend celebrates maximalism and disorder in nearly any room of the home. 

Many perceive that cluttercore promotes having a messy home with stacked empty pizza boxes or dishes being left out days after use. The word “clutter” might bring those motions to mind. However, cluttercore is more about expressing unlimited imagination with an explosion of colors, textures, patterns, and prints while pinning classic against kitsch. 

One of the best examples of cluttercore is the home of eccentric fashion designer Betsey Johnson who has lived by maximalist at home and through her designs on the runway. Betsey’s home décor might seem cluttered, but it represents her artistic esthetic to the core with a ton of colors and décor pieces.