Rental-Friendly Living And Dining Room Home Décor On A Budget 

When you’re renting out living space, you don’t have too much freedom when it comes to making the place your own and adding your own creative design and décor elements. With the rent you end up paying every month, there’s hardly enough money in the budget to spend on new furniture and other décor. We recommend some of the best tips on how you can make your rented living and dining room budget rental-friendly while still incorporating personal and cohesive design elements.   

Repaint The Walls   

Most rent agreements allow you to paint the walls as long as you paint them back to their original color when you eventually move out. So, this means you can go crazy with the color palette!  

You can go for dark and moody tones or light and airy ones, depending on the mood you want to create. You can even try out accent walls, colored guidelines, or painted murals if you want to go for something a little more unique or out there.   

Add Personalized Artworks

Nothing screams rental like general prints and paintings of landscapes. If you want to add a personal and homey touch to your rented living space, go for personalized art. If you have postcards, ticket stubs, or old and sentimentally valuable records, frame them and hang them up!  

Most landlords will allow you to put nails in the walls as long as you remove them later and fill up the holes. Even if you can’t hang up art, you can place it on shelves, along the walls on the floor, and even lean on various tables and furniture pieces.   

Thrift Your Furniture

While getting custom furniture made for yourself is the ultimate dream, you may want to hold off on that until you have a place of your own and not a rented space. It would be a better idea to get your furniture customized to a space you own rather than one you will need to move out of after however many months.  

Not to mention, custom-made furniture can be super expensive and not budget-friendly. Instead, you need to thrift, thrift, thrift! Don’t be afraid to find mismatched pieces that suit your personality. Remember, you can always bring out the spray paint and practice your upholstery skills in order to make thrift furniture pieces work well together.  

Tie The Whole Space Together With Repeated Design Elements   

Even in a rented apartment or house, you want the living and dining rooms to look similar and cohesive. You can do this by repeating certain design elements. For example, you can choose the same or similar paint colors in both rooms. You can also repeat fabric, such as using the same fabric to upholster the living room sofa cushions and the dining table chairs.