Preparation And Etiquette For Large Social Gatherings

Throwing a party for a large crowd and fretting over the arrangements? Follow these simple hacks and make it the most memorable get-together for your friends and family.  

Hosting a gathering is always overwhelming, and it can get even worse if you have a huge guest list to accommodate and not enough space at home. These are some simple tips for preparation and etiquette of what you can do to turn your place around into the coziest and fun place to be.  Here are some tips for accommodating a large crowd at home. 

Sort And Declutter Beforehand

With all the necessary cleaning of the house, it’s ideal to get rid of the items taking up a lot of space; especially in your living room, hallway, bedrooms, and even your garage. Also, remove those food magazines and empty jars on the kitchen counter and set aside your favorite decorations that can buy you some space.    

Prepare For Parking To Accommodate All Guests

As expected, a prominent guest count means lots of cars in your parkway. A friendly neighbor can be a blessing here; you can ask them to lend their parking and, in return, treat them with a freshly baked pie or a bottle of wine. Also, if your lawn space is dry and empty, let some of your guests park there, too.  

Rearrange Your Furniture Ahead of Time

You can’t be moving around your chairs and tables with all the guests in the house. Carefully plan out how to utilize all the misfit chairs, mobile tables and map out their use in the most imaginative way. For instance, you can turn your serving trolley into a mobile bar or your coffee table into a dessert bar. The more creative, the better! 

Turn The Biggest Area Into The Dining Area

Hosting large gatherings at home can be challenging, choosing how you serve is as important as what you plan to serve! Your buffet should be big enough to serve all the items on the menu. You can use the shelves and drawers in the living room to place the crockery, cutlery, and kitchen counters to place glasses and napkins.
If you are serving the food outdoors, make sure you have placed everything needed beforehand to avoid mismanagement at the time of the event. Sometimes, hiring a caterer helps you with half the job of hosting.       

Divide The Guests In Different Rooms

Place all the attractive spots for your guests in different zones of your house. Like you can turn the bedroom into a kid’s playing area, the garage for oldies to chill, or the poolside into a bar. This strategy will help divide the crowd and keep people from wandering around your house. 

Designated Storage Area For Guests

Your guests might need a place where they can keep their belongings safely. A coat hanger placed in the living room corner, or an empty coffee table can work. You can even use this space to place the gifts your guests might bring for you. 

Final Thoughts

Always remember a good host takes out time to enjoy with the guests. Things may not go as smoothly as you’ve planned, so don’t sweat over it. Focus on making memories with your friends and family and have a whale of a time!