How Lovers Celebrate Valentine’s Day Around The World

Valentine’s Day might seem all about flowers, candy, and cards in the U.S., but other countries have their own unique traditions celebrating the day of love. These are some of the Valentine’s Day traditions celebrated by different countries around the world that are unique to their culture. 


The capital of Thailand is Bangkok that is home to a unique district called Bank Rak translated to “village of love” and is considered the most popular district for registering marriage licenses on Valentine’s Day. Traditional Valentine’s Day gifts are sweet natural treats like sweet tamarind, mango, fresh fruit, and sweet coconut sticky rice with mango. 


This European country is known for being part of the greatest Shakespeare love story of Romeo and Juliet that is set in Verona, Italy. The whole country of Italy celebrates Valentine’s Day but there is a four-day celebration in Verona attracting lovers from around the world.
The four-day celebration is packed with romance with decorative heart lanterns, free concerts in the Piazza dei Signori, and a love-letter writing contest that also honors heart-broken lovers too. A rich part of Italy’s history involves food with many couples going for a romantic dinner at a restaurant. As tradition, couples gift each other with small chocolate-cover hazelnut candies called Baci from Perugina that are filled with a sweet cherry liquid center and a romantic poem on the insider wrapper. 


Though Argentinians don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in February, they celebrate their own version known as “the week of sweetness” hosted in July. Couples celebrate by exchanging kisses and sweet treats that first started as a commercial invention that later evolved into Valentine’s Day. 


One of the most common traditions when it comes to Valentine’s Day is eating chocolate and in the African country of Ghana, they celebrate Chocolate Day on February 14. The government of Ghana created an initiative in 2007 to increase tourism rates by celebrating its culture of being the largest cocoa-producing country in the world. This holiday is celebrated with people eating at restaurants with holiday-themed menus as well as attending music events and performances. 

South Korea 

Valentine’s Day traditions aren’t just for one day of the year in South Korea as couples celebrate different romantic traditions on the 14th of each month. That’s correct, South Korea hosts romantic holidays 12 times annually with holidays that can be celebrated by everyone and not just couples. 


Valentine’s Day is a huge affair in the Philippines with a massive gala event sponsored by the government as a form of public service with many young couples joining together in a massive celebration of love. 


This country celebrates Valentine’s Day with unique cultural traditions for the day of love referred to as the “Day of San Dwynwen” on January 25. Couples follow a tradition that has been practiced since the 16th century as lovers exchange beautifully handcrafted and unique wooden spoons to each other.