Everything You Need To Know Before Committing To A New Pool 

Considerations Before Committing To A Pool

Having a swimming pool at home is a dream of many. There are very few home improvement projects you can take on that bring entertainment value and, if done correctly, monetary value to your home. But you have to remember, a pool is a huge undertaking and could be an investment that might not pay off. 
Planning, installing, and maintaining a pool is not an easy task. Even though a pool might bring lots of positives like entertainment, exercise, value, and fun, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you dive into getting a new pool. 

What Is The Purpose?

The first thing you need to know is what you will use the pool for. Is it for fun? Entertainment for your children and family? Are you going to use it for exercise? Or is it a project to increase your property value? The purpose behind your pool is going to dictate your pool’s design and costs. If the primary purpose is exercise, you might want it in a completely straight and rectangular shape. If you are building it for your kids, you need to think ahead as you might install a bigger shallow area, which won’t really be of that much use after your kids have grown up. Maybe think about adding a jacuzzi as a hot tub is more likely to be used for longer periods.  

Different Kinds Of Swimming Pools

There are above-ground pools and in-ground pools. And in-ground pools can further be divided into three main kinds; concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass. All of these different types vary in cost and installation times. Concrete pools take the longest to install but usually last the longest, too, as long as they are well maintained. They can also be enlarged, changed, and remodeled if needed. Vinyl pools are quicker to install, usually ready in a few weeks, but aren’t really recommended for rough use as the vinyl liner can get punctured by objects. The fiberglass type is also easier and faster to install as they come pre-molded from factories, limiting your design choices.  

Considering The Costs

The costs of designing and installing your pool depend on various factors. The type of pool you have chosen, the size, and the site it will be installed into. On average, an in-ground pool installation costs around $35,000 to $50,000. An above-ground pool is much cheaper in comparison, with the average cost being $3,000.
Don’t think the costs are done after you are finished installing your pool. You need to regularly maintain, repair, and clean your pool. Chemicals need to be added to keep the water safe; water filters and pumps must be running and maintained. Just the cleaning, testing, and chemicals required for a pool can cost you almost $2,000 annually.  You also have to keep in mind the amount of electricity a pool uses. Water filters, water pumps, heating, and lighting all add to your electric bill. Once you add everything up, the average costs of running your pool can add up to almost $5,000 yearly!  

Dangers Of Having A Pool

Yes, pools are mostly entertaining. But there are a few dangers every pool owner should know about, especially if they have kids or pets. Drowning is the most significant safety concern for pools and children. Proper safety precautions like fences and gates need to be installed so small children and pets can’t fall into the pool without someone to protect them. If diving boards are part of your pool’s design, they too impose major risks. Diving boards up the risks of falling while climbing up to the board, injuring yourself on the diving board, and people diving and landing on swimmers already in the water. Diving boards usually also increase the costs of your insurance policy.