Creating A Kid Playhouse For Every Budget

Keeping toddlers and young children engaged and busy is a challenge faced by every parent. While you may think the TV or a digital screen is the easiest solution, it is not an active or healthy solution.  

More parents want to engage their kids with activities that help them grow physically and mentally. This is where a playhouse can be an incredible addition to your child’s daily life.  

It offers tremendous joy for hours of fun physical outdoor activity and stimulates your child’s imagination. A playhouse is especially great for toddlers and young kids living in places with good weather. 

This is why we have rounded up three types of playhouses for you to choose from. You can opt for wood, fabric, or cardboard, depending on your budget and the type of home you live in. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, we have a playhouse for every child.  

Wood Playhouses  

Playhouses made of wood are the most traditional type, and they are perhaps the best in terms of longevity. Like any wood furniture, high-quality wooden playhouses can be quite durable and can last a lifetime if you take care of them properly. 

However, this increased durability and longevity come at a price. Wood playhouses are the most expensive type, and they often require more effort to put together.  

Of course, you can always buy prefabricated ones, but they are not easy to move. Here are some excellent wood playhouses for you to choose from:  

  • Modern Outdoor Playhouse – Wayfair 
  • Evermeadow House Playhouse – Amazon 
  • Meadow Lane Market Playhouse – Target 
  • Scenic Heights Cedar Playhouse – Home Depot 
  • Outdoor Farmhouse Style Playhouse – Etsy 
  • Castle Playhouse – Wayfair  

Cardboard Playhouses  

It may seem odd to buy a cardboard playhouse when you can just buy and cut cardboard at home to build a playhouse yourself. Many parents do not have the time, energy, or skills to build their own.  

Plus, some of the cardboard houses in the market are quite special, and you may not be able to recreate them at home. Some modern baby brands even offer smaller cardboard playhouses in the packaging of their products.  

You can order the product, cut the cardboard packaging as instructed, and create a playhouse for your kids. Naturally, cardboard playhouses are not the most durable.  

They may not last past the month and are not suited for the outdoors. However, some pricier ones are quite sturdy and built to last longer than typical variants. Here are some of the best, most creative cardboard playhouses:

  • Rocket Playhouse – Wayfair 
  • Cardboard Playhouse Pirate Ship – Amazon 
  • Cardboard Space Shuttle – Etsy 
  • Cardboard Magic Castle – Etsy  

Fabric Playhouses (Play Tents)  

Fabric tents are perhaps the ideal midpoint option between cardboard and wood playhouses. They are inexpensive indoor tents that are easy to install, easy to maintain, and look great.  

They are ideal for apartments with tight spaces, where parents want to give their toddler or young kid a dedicated space for them to play and explore their imagination. Here are some adorable fabric play tents to consider:

  • Small Colorful Flags Play Tent – Overstock 
  • Play Tent Play House – Burke Decor 
  • Indoor Outdoor Fort – Amazon 
  • Tent with Beetle Embroidery – Burke Decor 
  • Palm Springs Playhouse – Crate & Kids