Creating A House With A Printer

Building one home requires a lot of money, human resources, equipment, materials, and waste resulting from the construction. Two companies have transformed the construction process with the help of technology and robots to build homes while eliminating 99 percent of waste accumulated in the typical construction process. 
The Palari Group and Might Buildings are working towards creating the first 3-D printed housing community in America. The unique building process will help cut waste from construction and give clients approximately 40 percent cost savings. 
Mighty Buildings is partnering with the Palari Group investing $15 million to build a historic neighborhood in Rancho Mirage, California in Spring 2022. The project will feature 15 three-bedroom and two-bath homes that will be eco-friendly and part of their net-zero initiative. 
Mighty Buildings net-zero initiative sets the goal of operating fully net-zero construction by 2028, approximately 22 years ahead of the construction industry. The only problem Mighty Buildings face is meeting the existing high demand requiring building 200,000 units per year in California.