Community Tourism Offered By Big Global Travel Companies

Did you know that the money you spend in a foreign country while touring goes back to other businesses? According to World Tourism Organization, $5 in every $100 leak from your vacation destination to other places. 

This begs the question: Can big global travel companies offer group travel that celebrates the culture of the place you are visiting? These companies need to put in the effort to support the locals with experiences, accommodation, and food, and they have taken the necessary steps to implement this plan.  


This tourism company provides immersive travel programs and professional and development skills workshops. The travel programs and workshops allow travelers to see the country’s rich culture and give back to the communities.  

Peruvian Soul 

As the name says, this company is dedicated to helping people explore the soul and beauty of Peru. Their sustainable travel program stands on three pillars: local development, education, and restoration. 

Their Santa initiative collects donations and gives people the chance to visit underprivileged communities. This annual trip has become such a huge success that today, travelers want to get involved voluntarily as well.  

Undiscovered Mountains 

This company is focused on providing an adventurous experience. They make small groups of people and explore exotic places, such as the Norwegian Mountains, the Himalayas, and the French Alps.  

Undercover Mountains tours are not just about taking pictures in dangerous places but visiting areas that impact the people living there. One of the key features of these tours is that the company only supports local guides and suppliers.   

Justice Travel 

This tourism company brings human rights and travel together. It is focused on allowing travelers to support the locals and human rights work. Local activists will guide you, and through them, you will meet several communities working day and night to better their country.  

Justice Travel offers tours in Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, and Sri Lanka. You will experience your destination’s history, nature, and local culture. Since the trips support human rights, you will be able to give back to the community. Two of the most popular attractions of Justice Travel tours are local festivals and nature excursions.  

Etnica Travel   

If you want to tour Guatemala, home to the colonial city of Antigua, a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO and fascinating Mayan culture, join the tour group by Etnica Travel. This company is focused on keeping the travel experience local and responsible.  

Some of the touristy things that Etnica covers are volcano visits, artisan stories, jungle trekking, educational tales about the Maya, etc. There are a few more travel companies that are invested in giving back to the community, including European Safari Company, Adventure Alternative, and Intrepid Travel. 

So, next time you plan your vacation, choose someplace other than Paris or Turkey. Give these travel companies a chance to design a tour for you and join a group of like-minded people who want to explore the culture of a new place.