Cheapest Coastal Towns To Live In 

Tired of the rat race? Feel like leaving it all behind to live in a cheap coastal town?
If so, you are in the right place. Today, we will discuss some of the cheapest coastal towns to live in, where you can get the best beach experiences, food, activities, and more. 


Biloxi, Mississippi, offers the convenience of living in the United States, perfect beaches, and excellent coastal living without being a high-profile coastal town. Living expenses for a couple starts at 2,500 dollars per month, and this is the most expensive on our list, partly because it is the only American town on our list.
Despite being the most expensive here, Biloxi is undoubtedly one of the States’ cheapest coastal towns to live in. It should be no surprise that Gulfport, another cheap coastal town in Mississippi, is just a few miles away from Biloxi. 


Tamarindo is on the pacific coast of Costa Rica and boasts a healthy lifestyle with fresh seafood and plenty of fitness and surfing venues. A couple can live easily on 2,000 dollars per month in an English-speaking coastal town. A great benefit is that you will likely find plenty of expats settled in Tamarindo, and the best part is that healthcare is very inexpensive. 

San Pancho 

A small town on the Pacific Coast, San Pancho is one of the best, most affordable coastal towns to live in Mexico. A couple can afford comfortable living starting at just 2,000 dollars per month. San Pancho offers peaceful beaches that bring incredible waves for surfers, and it is only an hour’s drive from Puerto Vallarta, a busy city with countless inexpensive but delicious eateries and restaurants. 


Penang is an island city in Malacca, Malaysia, which is just south of the Thai border. Living costs for a couple start at just 1,300 dollars per month, which is incredibly cheap.  Malacca is well-known for having some of the best food in the world, and their mix of Asian cultures makes it is easy to find eateries offering delicious Malaysian, Thai, Indonesian, Chinese, and Indian cuisines. The best thing about the food is that it is incredibly affordable, with meals costing less than 7 dollars, including beer. The beaches are some of the best you can experience, and if you are a foodie, Penang is one of the best and cheapest coastal towns to live in. 


These were just some of the cheapest coastal towns to live in, and there are more like Pedasi in Panama, Canggu in Bali, and Cascais in Portugal, which we can discuss another time. For now, if you are looking to quit the rat race and permanently move to a cheap coastal town, the mentioned places are some of the best you will find around the world.