Buying A Home Is Rough, But Renting Can Be Worse 

The woes of buying a house are apparent. There’s so much to think about and finance for. You may need a loan for excess financing, find a suitable area to invest in the property, and schedule construction or renovation. 

As you assess the responsibilities of purchasing a home, you might wonder if it’s eventually better to rent a house. Renting accommodation can pose even more complexities for you. 

With uncooperative house owners, situations get even more disastrous. We review a few of the most crucial ones to help you understand how painstakingly excruciating renting a house can be. 

Worries About The Deposit 

Saving up a significant amount of money for the security deposit is one thing. Often, when you evacuate the place, there are high chances that you may not receive the total amount. 

Homeowners keep the rest of the amount, claiming it to finance property damage, repaint, and maintenance. One way to avoid this is by specifying the clause in the rental agreement before you finalize your tenancy. 

Questionable Hygiene 

After searching around, you finally found accommodation with a more affordable rent, located in a somewhat safer area. The only problem is that you discover that it contains poor hygiene situations. That can be quite a headache. Ideally, you must check for pest infestations, workability of gutters, and safety of the home beforehand to avoid future hurdles. 

Can’t Personalize Or Remodel 

Your rented accommodation might have a high potential of adding storage. Ultimately, you’re unable to do any customization because you’re not the owner. 

That’s a major flaw with renting a house, all the unused space is wasted. Therefore, even if you face hassles with the impracticality of a room or an empty corner that you could’ve remodeled, your hands are tied, and you have to bear the limitations. 

Sudden Eviction 

One of the most stressful issues of renting a house is that you can be asked to evict in the most unexpected or inconvenient times. That’s a reality you can’t escape regardless of how timely you are in paying rent or don’t cause any trouble for the homeowners. 

There are regulations to protect tenancy rights, but they can be futile if homeowners claim that they or any of their families need to use the house immediately. You’ll have no choice but to pack up and leave even if you haven’t found any other property to relocate to. 

Final Thoughts 

If you thought purchasing a house was more challenging than renting one, we hope this blog helped you reconsider your stance. Ultimately, owning your home enables you to transform your space as per your requirements. The best part is it becomes a long-term asset that you can rent out later and make money from. 

That’s not possible when you’re renting any accommodation. Plus, dealing with the brokers or landlords and getting them to finance repairs and other fixtures is a massive headache. With no guarantee that you will get back your entire deposit, things can get trickier. Tenancy might be beneficial in a few aspects but owning a house will always be more fruitful.