A Fall To Remember In Portland, Maine  

Portland, Maine is an incredible destination for travelers year-round. The northernmost state in the continental United States does not get a lot of attention, but its charm is unlike anything else in the country. This is particularly true during autumn, and for whatever reason, the city of Portland seems to do this season better than anywhere, with just about everything you could ask for in a fall destination being available to visitors.
One must-have in a fall destination is that it must be a great place to spend time outdoors. The city of Portland will meet these expectations and more with its beautiful fall temperatures and scenic harbor views, all in the backdrop of the drastic colors of the falling leaves. The city also does a great job in giving visitors explicit reasons to get outside as well, particularly in its offering of multiple fall festivals. The most iconic festival in Portland, Maine is probably its Harvest on the Harbour Festival, which features a variety of wine and spirits tastings from distilleries all over New England, and of course fresh seafood among its many events. Portland also may just be home to one of the best craft beer scenes in the United States, which is incredibly popular during the fall months. Bar-hopping in downtown Portland to all of the different breweries is a great way to spend a fall evening here.
Like much of Maine, the area around Portland is gorgeous. The crisp temperatures offer visitors an excellent opportunity to take a whale-watching tour on the harbor, or simply a sightseeing tour along the gorgeous coastline to take in the scenery and take a glimpse at the city’s historic lighthouses. Acadia National Park, which is perhaps Maine’s most well-known fall attraction, is an easy day trip from Portland as well for people who are more into just witnessing the colors off all. If you are in need of a destination to visit this fall, Portland, Maine has my full-hearted endorsement.