A Conservationist’s Guide To Travel: Countries That Care About Their Wildlife And Fauna 

If you’re an avid traveler and tired of visiting the same places over and over again, it’s time to invest in countries that are more than just skyscrapers and nightlife. Yes, we’re talking about the hidden gems of the world that have a lot more to offer than food streets and tall buildings.
Now, it’s time to make a trip to countries that provide the world a chance to witness Mother Nature in her glory along with their efforts to conserve what’s left of it.
Let’s look at ten countries known for having one of the most well-preserved wildlife. 


Located in southwest Africa, Namibia is a country rich in history and culture. Another aspect the country is rich in is the ever-growing wildlife. It’s one of the very few countries on the planet that has incorporated a clause for environmental protection in the constitution. It’s widely popular for its cheetah population and has also been working to restore  black rhinos, zebras, lions, and other animals populations on the decline. 


The Republic of Zimbabwe is another African country located in the southwest. It’s now widely known to the world as a country with diverse wildlife and beautiful landscapes. However, it’s also famous for its rivers and safaris.
The country is home to over four safari areas, the same number of botanical gardens, nine recreational parks, and about ten national parks. All these, along with a few sanctuaries, create their entire estate of wildlife. 


Bhutan is yet another country with a wildlife protection clause written in its constitution. According to the clause, more than half of the country should be covered by forests. The step was taken to ensure that the thriving wildlife in the country stayed protected. 


Canada may be known for ice hockey and stunning mountainous landscapes, but it’s also one of the highest spending countries in the field of wildlife conservation. With over forty park reserves and numerous national parks, the country is home to several animals such as polar bears, wolves, grizzlies, caribou, and bison. 


Tanzania is yet another East African country that caters to a wide variety of wildlife animals. More than a third of this country’s area is dedicated to national parks for conserving its valuable wildlife. Interestingly, you can find more than a fifth of entire Africa’s animals there. 


Norway is one of the very few European countries to have made an effort to conserve their wildlife population. So far, it’s home to a wide variety of wolves, lynx, elk, and bears. Norway is also a popular travel destination for skiing, hiking, and fishing. 


Bordered by Tanzania, Uganda, and Congo, this landlocked country is another part of Africa known for its flourishing wildlife. In the last few years, the country has also witnessed a rising number of tourists. Gorilla sanctuaries and protection efforts are what contribute to the world’s growing interest in Rwanda’s tourism. 


Last but not least, Zambia is a country where approximately a third of the land is managed by wildlife conservation authorities. More than 80% of the trips people take there are because of its wilderness and nature.

With that, you have a list of ten countries to begin planning your travel plans for the next few years to come. As you research and learn more about what each country is doing to protect its wildlife and see if you can contribute in any way to do your part.